Organization: Strike Magazine
Role: Graphic Design Director
Date: September 2020–May 2021

• Directed a team of 14 assistants, delegating assignments and overseeing delivery on designated deadlines
• Created social media and print magazine designs, including semester-long and rapid response, across multiple formats
• Collaborated with 7 other departments and external organizations on graphic requests, including pop-up events that increased campus awareness and social media following

Graphic Design: 

• Detailed graphic artwork created using Adobe software
• Topics included pop culture features, national holidays & anniversaries, event spotlights, and more
• Experienced crisis communication design multiple times, creating graphics + statements in 30 minute or less turn around

Creative Direction + Concept Planning:

• Created photoshoot concept, "Tunnel Vision," for founding issue of Strike Magazine UGA
• Idea came from social dilemma of screen time and online culture during the pandemic and its effect on our mental health
• Concept featured three models in all black attire, primarily leather, with detailed lined eyeliner makeup and maneuvering through cords and old technology


• Led a team of 14 graphic art assistants and kept detailed scheduling, meeting briefs, and assignments via Google Workspace